Homeowner’s insurance & flood policies do not apply to melting snow

A flood is defined as surface water greater than 2 acres or involving 2 properties

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – No matter how much water floods or seeps into your home from melting snow, your standard home owner’s policy, as well as any flood insurance you have, will not cover it. Standard homeowner policies exclude flooding, and flood insurance defines floods very specifically.

Richard Green of Richard R. Green Insurance Agency told 22News, “In order for it to be considered a flood, it must be surface water greater than 2 acres or involving 2 properties, one of which must be the homeowner, who also happens to have a flood policy.”

And it’s extremely unlikely ice would melt to that size. Both homeowner policies and flood insurance also exclude water seepage through your home’s foundation. Even if water does seep into your home because of the melting snow, flood insurance won’t be able to cover it. But some residents did tell 22News that in special circumstances, like this severe weather, it should.

“There should be a baseline where this was an exceptional winter, exceptional snowfall” says David Lemke of Chicopee, “where no, the insurance wouldn’t apply, but when it comes to sort of major losses, that you would have the option of the insurance covering that.”

Green says the only way exceptions could be made to flood insurance is if the language of the policy changes. Those changes are usually made if there’s enough of a demand for it, or if a court order is issued.

Green recommends doing what you can to prevent seepage from melting snow coming into your home. Check your home’s foundation, and make sure all cracks are sealed and filled.

Melted ice damns are a separate coverage issue that you can learn about here.

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