Animal cruelty with possible threat to President Obama

American flag with a hammer and sickle in place of the stars

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Fairfield police are investigating a case of animal cruelty after they found two dead skunks and an anti Obama sign. Fairfield Police chief, Gary MacNamara said, “we got calls. A lot of people had seen it prior to us getting notified and I think they were concerned there was some sort of threat against the president.

Obama Pic SkunkThe inappropriate anti-Obama message and cruel display was hanging on this Fairfield telephone pole on Park and Jackman avenue. Police found two dead skunks and a sign reading “Obama Stinks.” MacNamara added, “this is a picture of a flag modified to have a sickle inside where the stars would go and then the words Obama stinks were printed, they weren’t hand written.” Fairfield police notified the secret service. “anytime the president of the United States is mentioned in something like that we want to make sure they are at least aware of it. We don’t believe it to be a threat. so they are notified of this,” MacNamara added.

Police taking this cruel act very seriously. MacNamara said, “It’s really a cruel and inhuman act, whether or not you have political views or not certainly killing animals and displaying them this way to get a message across is inappropriate it’s cruel it’s illegal frankly we want to find out who did it and prosecute them for it.” When police catch the person responsible he or she will face charges including animal cruelty and creating a public disturbance.

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