HOA denies wish for girl battling cancer

(CNN) – A Missouri girl battling cancer was thrilled to hear a charity wanted to make her one wish come true, she wanted her very own playhouse in her yard.  Then, the neighborhood homeowner’s association said, nope, not allowed.

“Little Ella, she’s just darling,” said neighbor Brett Greble.  He’s not kidding, this is six-year-old Ella. Her neighbor, Brett Greble is one of hundreds it seems who want the stone gate home owners association to change its mind, “I think they need to reconsider.”

“It looks like an adorable miniature playhouse,” Jennifer Schultz, Ella’s mother, said.

Ella’s mom says make a wish contacted them, offering to grant a wish to the 6 year old girl, who’s battling a deadly form of cancer. All Ella wants is a playhouse, one that Je Dunn was thrilled to design and build, even agreeing to match the shingles to those used on the homes here, but the homeowners association said no.  We wanted to know why.

“The proposed plan they’ve given us is a violation of our covenants,” said Stacy Bayers.

HOA board president Stacy Bayers didn’t want to talk about it, saying the board first wants to talk over the decision some more.

Most people agree Ella and her family are dealing with enough right now, this decision they say only adds insult to an already horrific situation.

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