Potholes: A concern for drivers

Hitting potholes can damage your car's suspension

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that we are in March, a late winter storm can become bad news for drivers. Route 5 in West Springfield is a road notorious for potholes, and last week, a stretch of it was shut down temporarily for emergency pothole repair.

Usually, we don’t have to worry about potholes until early the weather warms up, but the freeze-thaw cycle is happening earlier this year. That’s when the snow seeps into the pavement on warmer days, then will refreeze when it cools down, causing the pavement to lift.

Potholes have been reported across western Massachusetts these past few weeks. Department of Public Works crews can only put cold patch on the roads, because it’s still too cold to fix them permanently.

You can report a pothole in Springfield by calling 3-1-1. On state roads, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is asking you to call them to report potholes at 857-368-4636.

If a pothole has landed your car in the auto body shop, you probably know it’s not a cheap fix. A big enough pothole can cost upward of $3 thousand, and can cause significant damage to your car’s suspension, tires, and steering wheel.

Keeping your car’s tires inflated can help make sure the wheel and suspension reacts the way it’s supposed to when you hit a pothole.

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