VIDEO: Man has seizure while skydiving

The man says he regained consciousness at around 3,000 ft.

(NBC) – As if skydiving isn’t scary enough, one Australian man is lucky to be alive after a jump went horribly wrong.

A man named Christopher posted the video above on YouTube, said to be shot last November.

While taking part in a jump 12-thousand feet in the sky, Christopher said he suffered a stroke while attempting a left-hand turn at nine-thousand feet. He says he spent the next 30 seconds in free fall totally unconscious.

Luckily for Christopher, his jumpmaster realized something was wrong and took action. After a failed attempt to reach Christopher, the jumpmaster finally was able to grab hold of him, pulling his ripcord around four-thousand feet.

Christopher says he regained consciousness at around three-thousand feet and was able to land safely on the ground.

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