Gould’s Sugar House serves first breakfast of the year

SHELBURNE, Mass. (WWLP) – Gould’s Sugar House opened their doors to customers for the first time this year Saturday morning.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes, waffles, and snow covered maple syrup, but this year, the maple syrup didn’t come fresh from the trees. The temperature has been so cold outside in Franklin County, the sap hasn’t had a chance to thaw out yet, giving them no other choice but to serve last years maple syrup.

Larry Gould told 22News maple syrup season is already one week late as a result of the frigid air. “It looks like from the weather cast, it’ll be at least another week until we start boiling. It’s just mother nature, you have to go to with the flow, whatever happens, happens. It’s been so cold this year, it’s difficult to string out the plastic lines in the woods, so we just have to wait our time,” he said.

Larry isn’t worried about a late start to the season impacting business. He said farmers are used to unpredictable weather changes, and a late start could mean a longer sugaring season.

Once temperatures get down to 20 degrees at night and 40 degrees during the day, the sap will finally melt, making way for sugaring season to begin.


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