Drivers fed up with bumpy roads

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The season of dodging potholes is already in full swing, stretches of subzero temperatures followed by brief warm ups is turning cracks into craters throughout western Massachusetts.

Bobbie Coletta of Agawam told 22News when it’s dark out, potholes are even more problematic. “You can see them enough when it’s daylight so we try and slow down. I have broken a tire a few years ago, it’s not fun and it’s expensive,” she said.

If your car rams into a pothole, you can puncture the undercarriage, pop a tire, and damage the suspension. 22News went out on pothole patrol in West Springfield, and discovered on certain roads, the holes are nearly impossible to miss.

William Hensen of West Springfield said he gets worried every time there’s snow and ice in the forecast. “You worry about the black ice with the potholes because if you hit black ice, you’re going to go right into those holes and if you mess up your car, there you go right back into the shop,” he said.

Department of Public Works crews can only temporarily repair potholes with cold patch, until the weather warms up. That includes Route 5, a road that West Springfield resident William Hensen said is scary to drive on. “It was just this morning I was on Route 5, and I found myself weaving just to miss the potholes, I was lucky there was no one else on the road. Luckily we haven’t had damage to our cars yet,” he said.

With more snow expected this week, small cracks in pavement are likely to expand even more, which means it might be weeks until drivers catch a break.

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