Deep snow causing problems for ice fishing

The Oxbow is a popular spot for ice fishermen

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The snow that’s narrowed western Massachusetts streets and caused concern about damaging rooftops has also been a nuisance for ice fishermen.

The wind chill on the Oxbow had to be near zero as this mecca for ice fishermen from all over resembled a barren wasteland visited on this day by fisherman. What few were there traveled a distance to get to Western Massachusetts.

David McCarthy came all the way from Foxboro to be disappointed that the heavy snow made ice fishing less pleasurable than he would have liked. “It hinders the process, it’s very hard to travel through. You need a pair of snowshoes. It’s much more cumbersome to set up and get going.”

Michael Nees, from Worcester County said, “The weather’s been tough. A lot of diehards, if you want to be able to get out there, if you want to put the time in.”

Considering the Ox-Bow’s longtime reputation as a mecca for ice fishermen, we’re told it’s not unusual for some enthusiasts to come from halfway across Massachusetts just to spend the day ice fishing in Hampshire County.

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