What happens when you call the Pothole Hotline?

Automated system instructs you to leave detailed message

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You have probably seen the digital signboards on Interstate 91 asking for you to report any potholes that you see on the highway. But what happens when you want to make a report? 22News called 857-DOT-INFO to see what it’s like on the other line.

When you call, an automated voice message asks you to press “1” if you’re calling to report a pothole.  Then, it takes you another automated message, asking you to leave a detailed message listing the pothole’s location, such as the city or town, lane, route or interstate, direction, and the nearest mile marker.

You do not speak with anyone directly during the process, and some drivers say that’s incredibly frustrating.

“In a voicemail, you’re just thinking: Was it reported? What should I say? Where exactly is it? Of course, it’s much better to talk to a real person than just a voicemail,” Michael Vasilchenko of West Springfield said.

The automated message says that crews will attend to potholes as soon as resources and traffic conditions allow.

You can also report potholes by dialing 877-623-6846.

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