Possible drug connection in road rage shooting

Nowsch seemed fond of pictures of marijuana

(CNN) – New details are out Tuesday in a Las Vegas shooting death. 19-year-old Eric Nowsch is accused of killing 44-year-old Tammy Meyers nearly two weeks ago.

Robert Meyers stood before a crowd of reporters to explain the relationship between his wife and 19-year-old Eric Nowsch after it was revealed that this was not a random case of road rage, and that his wife knew the man suspected of killing her. “My wife spent countless hours at that park consoling that boy, probably watching now, must feel bad, fed him, told him to pull his pants up and be a man.”

But a friend of Nowsch who lives in the neighborhood says there was something else connecting Meyers and the murder suspect. “Mrs. Meyers used to come to the park and try to purchase things off him. I don’t know what she was purchasing, but I knew that she would talk to him.”

“She smoked, she smoked weed. So right there, in this park area, is weed being sold all the time.”

Five neighbors we talked to said when the sun goes down Anson Park turns from a pristine, calm place to an active drug scene.

Resident Rickie Robertson said, “I got two in elementary school and I don’t like them over there, because it’s a bad crowd. I can see them smoking pot, you know.”

And that is not all. A source with the city, who would not go on camera for fear of losing their job, said Eric Nowsch had a reputation as an alleged marijuana dealer in this park. The source claims another resident trying to keep the park drug-free tussled with Nowsch.

Resident Robertson was there that day, and witnessed what happened, but could not identify whether Nowsch was involved. Park marshals could not find any incident report that matched that case.

Robertson said, “A few months ago I saw an argument with an elderly gentleman and a teenager. What had happened was, I guess he must have caught him selling weed or something, but he was wrestling him to the ground, telling me to call the cops. As he’s doing this, he ripped open this kid’s bag, and he had one of those gallon zip-lock bags full of marijuana.”

Nowsch seemed fond of pictures of marijuana, but that alone does not make him a drug dealer.

But there’s this, from Nowsch’s attorney, who said Nowsch asked police if he could smoke marijuana to calm him down in order to surrender the day of the stand off.

But does he sell drugs?

C. Conrad Claus, Nowsch’s attorney, said, “That’s also a little bit early to get into right now. I think a lot of people have drawn that conclusion, and it’s probably given the surrounding circumstances a not-unreasonable conclusion to draw, depending on what you’re defining as drugs.”

I asked Tammy Meyers’ husband Robert about the new allegation concerning his wife’s involvement with Nowsch. Meyers sent this text: “We would love to pee test to prove. I have never done drugs in my life. And certainly never would let my kids. This is getting sicker by the day.”

We also asked Nowsch’s attorney, who says this was absolutely not a case of road rage between Meyers and Nowsch, but claims it’s a case of self defense.

Was he selling her drugs?

Claus says, “Right now it’s probably premature to make that statement. What I can say s there are independent witnesses that have made statements. I think it would be reckless at this point until the defense team has a chance to talk to them personally.”

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