Planning your vegetable garden

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If you’re sick of winter then plan for spring by mapping out your vegetable garden! Shari Petrucci from the Western Mass Master Gardener Association showed us how to get started.

Planning Your Vegetable Garden

Order you seed catalogs or look at them on line.
Such as: Johnny’s Seeds, Burpee, Gurney

Learn about the plants you want to grow from the catalogs

There is a lot of useful information about the plants in catalogs such as when to plant, sun, water, and hardiness, and how long they take to mature.
Order the seeds or wait till the growing season begins to buy them.
Start your seeds indoors usually 6 weeks before our area’s average frost date which is late April.

Plan the layout of your garden area.
Using graph paper or plain paper, draw out the design of your garden.
Get ideas and information from garden planning books available at your local library.
Learn what to plant where and next to what to give the plants the optimum growing benefits .
Learn about the spacing requirements for each type of plant.
Think about what soils in different sections of the garden, will they need amending for the vegetable that will be growing there?

Prepare your garden tools for the season.

Look at your inventory and clean your tools.
Sharpen blades of pruners and shovels.
Stock up on gloves, sunblock, hats as needed.
Test your soil as soon as you can in the early spring to learn what will be needed to amend them based on what you are growing.
Start a new garden journal where you can make notes, take picture, and keep records. When I get the winter blues I work on my previous years journal and keep it as a scrapbook that highlight all my gardeneing experience. It’s fun!

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