People are frustrated with the electric rate increases

National Grid customer: “Somebody is just taking money out of my pocket”

HAMPDEN, Mass. (WWLP) –  Hampden resident Gabriel Cianflone has been a National Grid customer for years.After receiving his most recent bill, he’s wondering how much longer he can afford to stay a customer.

“What gets me mad is that we are the only state that’s in this situation,” said Cianflone. “For some people it makes it impossible. Between food and utilities they won’t be allowed to have anything else.”

Gabriel spent $607 on his latest bill, that’s double the $307 he paid the same time last year. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean his or your rates doubled.

22News did find an increase in both the supply and delivery rates for National Grid customers. Each service makes up about half of your total bill.

The supply rate jumped from $.09 to about $.16. That’s a 72% increase. We crunched the numbers and found the delivery rate increased 4.5%.That comes to a 38% increase on your total bill.

Although that’s pretty close to the 37% increase customers were told to expect, Gabriel says it still too high and he’s hoping lawmakers will step in.

“There are people in the government they are not doing anything to defend us. They should be loyal to the population of Massachusetts and instead they are killing us,” Gabriel told 22News.

One major reason your bill seems even higher than you expected is because it’s a lot colder this winter. You’re using a lot more electricity compared to last year.

National Grid and other electric companies in Massachusetts blame the increase on a shortage of natural gas to generate electricity.

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