NASA astronaut takes awesome selfie

(MEDIA GENERAL) – From actual space to cyber space, NASA astronaut Terry Virts shared an incredible selfie on Twitter. Virts can be seen in the visor of his fellow astronaut, Barry Wilmore.

Both men are conducting a spacewalk Wednesday. It can be seen live until 2 p.m. eastern.

The spacewalks are being done to lay cables along the forward end of the International Space Station to bring power and communication to new docking ports. U.S. commercial spacecraft will head toward the new ports in 2017. The new ports will allow more crew members on the ISS and allow more time for research.

Wednesday’s spacewalk is the second of three. The final walk is scheduled for Sunday, March 1.

On Twitter, Virts wrote, “My #spacewalk lead #astrobutch, with me upside down in his visor.”

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