Can’t drive in WMass without finding a pothole

Potholes are caused by the freeze thaw effect

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – its pothole season. A time of the year when driving becomes more hazardous. 22News took a drive down Route 9 in Northampton where large holes in the pavement litter the roads.

There are some potentially damaging potholes in the area of Cooley Dickinson Hospital. If you regularly park in E.J. Gare parking garage, there’s large potholes just before you enter. And in small communities like Williamsburg, we saw potholes on back roads that were half paved and half dirt.

People told 22News they expect something will be done. Sally Kahn of Northampton said, “Is anything being done? I’ve experienced a lot of potholes. In fact, it reminds me of Costa Rica, which was nothing but potholes. This town has a very responsive mayor and I’m sure it’s a top priority.”

Potholes are caused by the freeze thaw effect in late winter. Puddles and water seep into cracks during the mid-day sun and expand and refreeze at night, causing the holes to get bigger.

It’s a process that repeats every day until the pothole is patched. If you’d like to report a bad pothole, send it to us at

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