5-year-old found locked outside of house in the cold

The mother was not arrested

NEW YORK (CNN) – A five-year-old boy, extreme cold, drugs… those are some of the red flags officers found when they showed up Monday night.

“The child was locked out by a younger brother which I think could happen to anyone,” said Officer Rafael Diaz, IMPD.

However, not only was no one but an officer ‘began knocking on the door but was not getting an answer.’ He walked around to the back door and knocked. His concern grew as nobody was answering the doors even though he was knocking very loudly.’

“They could see inside that there was a female inside that appeared to be sleeping,” said Officer Diaz.

That officer was finally able to wake up the little boy’s mom. When she opened the door, the officer could smell the odor of marijuana. He would later find out that because of another child services case, those two kids should not have been in the house at all.

“It`s a dangerous situation for the kids to be around, which is why they weren’t supposed to be around it in the first place,” said Diaz.

On top of it all, at the time the wind chill was negative two. ER Doctor Joe Krug said the cold is even more dangerous for kids whose bodies handle it differently and who are too young to know it’s affecting them.

“Number one, make sure they’re dressed appropriately, number two, make sure you’re keeping a reasonable eye on them,” said Dr. Krug.

A warning Diaz echoed, hoping this case could be a wake up call to other parents.

“It’s important to know where your kids are at, especially with the conditions the way that they are the last few days,” said Officer Diaz.

The mother was not arrested, but the children were removed from the home.

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