Lawsuit claims one type of Purina dog food contains toxic ingredients

(CNN) – The pet food giant Purina is being sued over their dog food.  The plaintiffs say the ingredients in one brand of Purina dog food are making dogs very sick.

Dr. Jim Sparks said, “The pet food industry has become a over 150 billion dollar year industry in the United States alone.”

One of the top brands, Purina, being called out in this lawsuit.

The Saint Louis-based company is accused of making dogs ill affecting their organs even causing their death because of some of the ingredients in Beneful like mycotoxins.

Dr. Jim Sparks said, “It’s highly, highly toxic and we find it growing in grains and corn.”

These toxins are everywhere especially in food that has spoiled.  The lawsuit also claims Beneful contains propylene glycol, which the lawsuit refers to as antifreeze.

Dr. Sparks says that’s not correct.  Propylene glycol is actually found in most dog foods and it’s not harmful, “They’re confusing ethylene glycol, which is antifreeze.”

Dr. Sparks says he’s seen these toxicity cases many times before, but he says rarely can a proven link be found between the illness and the food.

He even says he would not steer away from all Purina brands, “The truth is, right now, I would say that 95-percent of the foods out there are perfectly well-balanced for your average pet.  I’ve been sick at a restaurant before, but I’m not going to avoid food for the rest of my life. Incidents happen, problems come up. There is no 100 percent safe food source.”

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