Why you should avoid box hair color

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – To ensure that you avoid a dye disaster, rely on the professionals to do the work! PJ Hurtado is a hairstylist and colorist from De Ja Vous Salon in Wilbraham, and he joined us to share tips for healthy hair.

1. There is no expert to help you pick out your color.
2. Hair color is suppose to be customized to each person. There’s no customizing something from a box
3. The how to factor. Applying color and mixing color is different for everyone .
4. Multiple shades and tones. Picking out those important things helps make your hair fit yourself .
5. Changing after is very difficult .
6. The women on the cover are not using the color in that box and neither should you .
7. Everyone’s hair reacts different to hair color. If a mistake occurs you will end up paying to get it fixed in the long run.

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