Springfield’s pothole problems start at the entrance

Potholes are created from water seeping under the roadway

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – For most of us who live in western Massachusetts, potholes are no stranger during the winter, but for visitors, they’re not the friendliest welcome into the City of Springfield.

22News took a drive to exit 7, heading southbound off I-91. There is a large strip of potholes at the bottom of the exit right before the Memorial Bridge.

Joseph Grasty of Springfield told 22News this issue can be a turn off for visitors. He said, “If they’re going to bring all that in, the casino, what have you, the roads should be a priority. That’s what we’ve been hearing about the last few years: roads, bridges, and what have you, so that should be a main priority to get those fixed, to get the people coming in so Springfield can thrive.”

Potholes are created from water seeping under the roadway and then freezing. When the ice expands, it cracks the street, and when cars drive over the cracks, it creates the pothole.

If you see a pothole, please call MassDOT at 857-DOT-INFO (857-368-4636), Toll Free at 877-MA-DOT-GOV (877-623-6846), or visit our online contact information web page to send us an e-mail.

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