Soldier takes AIDS fight to Uganda

Soldier Takes AIDS Fight To Uganda
U.S. Army Reserve Captain establishes HIV/AIDS clinic in his native Uganda.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (WDSU) Ten years ago, Army Reserve Capt. Frank Musisi went home to Uganda, to the village where he grew up. He was still at the beginning of a career that began when he came to America to go to school.

What he saw on his return to the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria all but broke his heart.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic had ravaged his village. Many people with whom he’d grown up had vanished.

“Gone. I was shocked. People I knew. Same classmates who sat in class with me. They were dead,” he said.

At his mother’s urging, Musisi came to America for an education, and he ultimately joined the military. When he came home, his mother, Najjuma Mauricia, urged him to use what he’d learned in America to do something for his homeland.

“My village was going to die,” Musisi said. “People were dying and they needed help.”

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