Residents confused over electric bill charges

Eversource customers have received those January bills

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Late last year, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, now Eversource Energy, announced your bill would go up about 29 percent, or about 26 dollars more, starting January 1st for the average family each month.

However, now that customers have received those January bills, some are noticing they’re paying more than that extra 26 dollars.

Mac Edwards of West Springfield said, “Its confusion. They’re hard to decipher, to see what you’re paying for. To me they always have an excuse. Whatever it is, they’re always going to jack you up somehow whether it’s wood, or pellets, or oil, or gas.”

22News spoke with Eversource spokeswoman Priscilla Ress. She wouldn’t speak on camera, but said the families who heat with electricity are noticing the biggest increase from last January’s bill.

This significantly colder winter requires more electricity to keep the house warm. The 14 cent-per-kilowatt-hour rate increases by a penny after using 600 kilowatts per hour.

Many viewers said they were confused and overwhelmed by the long list of charges on their bill, including one that said a rate increased by about 69 percent.

Our 22News I-Team broke down each charge you’ll notice on your electric bill. Click Here to see that report.

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