Massachusetts drivers, riskiest in the country

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – 68 percent of Massachusetts drivers admitted to traveling 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. We’re also most likely to run red lights, speed, and talk on our cell phones.

Doug Langevin of Southampton told 22News he sees those behaviors all of the time. “On my way up to Northampton today I was behind a guy who was slowing down and speeding up, slowing down and speeding up, and I believe he was texting,” he said.

Northampton resident Oonagh Doherty agreed that cell phones are the biggest problem. “Texting and driving, and then I’ve seen a lot of people on the phone and driving and often taking a left hand turn, or making pretty bad driving decisions,” she said.

A new AAA report said nearly 80 percent of Bay Staters confessed to using their cell phones on the road. That’s at least 9 percent more than any other state.

Most drivers in Hampshire County didn’t hesistate to admit they’ve seen some type of bad behavior on the roads, but no one would admit to speeding or running a red light.

Bruce Dascanio said they see people speeding every day, but they try and drive safely as possible. “I would say they probably drive like fifteen, twenty miles over the speed limit. I tend to give myself distance between me and another car,” he said.

One person did admit to speeding, but he told 22News it’s something he hasn’t done for years.

If you ask them, nearly every Massachusetts driver will tell you it’s unacceptable to run a red light, yet almost half admit to doing it.

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