Greenfield reacts to marijuana legalization

Massachusetts has legalized medical marijuana

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Attitudes on marijuana use have been changing in recent years. Some states are moving from legalizing medical marijuana to legalizing it for recreational use.

Tuesday, Alaska joined Colorado and Washington State to become the third state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, but there will be no smoking it in public.

Massachusetts has legalized medical marijuana, and it is being prescribed in Greenfield. Now, many people are wondering whether the state will legalize pot for recreational use as well.

“I think it’s okay, because you can get marijuana just about anywhere you want, so why not legalize it. You know, and if people want to grow it, they’ll be able to.”

Greenfield has been moving forward to locate a medical marijuana dispensary in the old American Legion Building in town. Patriot Care Corporation has obtained a permit from the state, and has a lease, and are now working with zoning and building inspectors.

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