Fake IRS callers demand money, threaten legal action

Fake IRS callers can be intimidating

SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Franklin County woman wants to warn her neighbors about thieves who call and say they’re from the IRS, and say you owe money.

South Deerfield resident Pamela Anderson received three calls from people pretending to be the IRS this week. She told 22News the calls came from different numbers, insisting that if she didn’t pay money she owed the government, she’d face legal action.

Anderson said these were robo-calls, and she knew they were fakes. While she didn’t want to go on camera, she did want to warn others who might get these calls, which can be convincing, like one she’d received before.

“They can be very pushy, and could be very intimidating, so I could absolutely see where they could trick somebody. The IRS is somebody most people don’t wanna mess with,” Anderson said.

The IRS has said they will never call you to demand financial or legal action.  If they have to contact you, they will do so through the mail. If you receive one of these calls, hang up and don’t give them any information.

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