Doctor explains party drug “molly” popularity, dangers

It is a synthetic substance, lethal in high doses

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s a wake up call for parents who may not be aware of this type of potential substance use on college campuses.

Molly is a popular club drug, increasingly accessible on college campuses.

“It gives them that euphoria that they are looking for in a party,” said Dr. Srinivas Muvvala, Addiction Psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine.

It is a synthetic substance, lethal in high doses. Most are not aware of the consequences.

“It can cause increase in heart rate, increase in blood pressure, changes in temperature in the body, ” said, Dr. Muvvala,

He added, “These synthetic stimulants that are being manufactured in factories are much more powerful and much more potent.”

Changes in behavior, unexplained drop in academics, a disheveled appearance, agitated, should alarm parents, who are generally caught off guard.

Dr. Muvvala advised, “Talk to them as if you are in this together, That we are, you know, that as a parent tell the kid that we are very concerned about this and we want to help you and we can get you help and treatment.”

University of New Haven student Kassondra Bertulis said, “Even as an R-A, I’ve never heard of us having a Molly incident.”

But she knows it is out there, “I’m sure they are very accessible to students because there is always someone who is going to be dealing.”

Parents who are more frank Bertulis said, will have a more positive response from their young adult,

The conversation should include, “Be careful, know where your drink is, so that someone doesn’t slip anything in it. If you see pills don’t just take things, you don’t know what they are.”

A resident assistant, the senior now plans to raise more awareness in the aftermath of Wesleyan students overdosing on Molly over the weekend, “This is what Molly looks like, this is what it does to you. This is why you have to be careful.”

According to Dr. Muvvala, it is difficult to paint a picture of who is more at risk for substance use for a number of reasons. They could be kids who are social but are risk takers, or are using it because they are depressed, with some succumbing to peer pressure. ”

Parents, he says, need to be vigilant.

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