Bitter cold forcing schools to adjust daily routines

Students adjusting to bringing recess indoors

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– School recess is a time for students to kick back, get some fresh air, and take a break.

“It’s like a relief. You don’t want to do work all day. it’s like you take a little break and then go back and do your studying and all that,” 8th grader Nehomy Lopez, told 22News.

But day after day, February has brought frigid temperatures. Joseph Klaus, also an 8th grader in Chicopee, told 22News waiting for the bus can be tough on these bitter cold mornings. “Normally I’m wearing basketball shorts or sometimes sweatpants underneath my jeans just to stay warm because it’s so cold,” Klaus said.

Bitterly cold days, like the ones Western Mass has had so many of this winter, are now forcing schools to modify how they do recess.

Principal Matthew Francis of Bellamy Middle School in Chicopee told 22News any kind of harsh weather can bring recess form the outdoors, in.

“We slow down the lunch time then alter where they can go. They can either go to the main gym the small gym or the auditorium,” Francis said.

He also said with all the snow, ice, and cold this winter students are getting very used to the indoor recess routine.

“Sometimes we just play volleyball or there’s basketball or sometimes walk around the gym talking,” Alexis Cruz, an 8th grader at Bellamy Middle School described to 22News.

Other schools in Chicopee told 22News they improvise recess using technology, allowing students to follow along with guided physical activities from inside their classroom.

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