Trashed? Pair in dumpster wind up in garbage truck

The pair had been intoxicated

(WFLA) A garbage truck driver in Hillsborough County, Florida made a surprising find in the back of his garbage truck on Wednesday morning, a man and a woman.

Authorities initially believed that 37-year-old Donald Jordan and 49-year-old Lisa Sirabella were homeless. They later found out that the pair had been intoxicated at a local casino, and fell asleep in the gas station dumpster the night before.

The driver of the garbage truck, Radames Valazquez, said he discovered the individuals by using his safety camera just before compacting the trash.

“I noticed someone jumping up and down in the truck, so that’s when I immediately pulled over. You know I called the authorities,” said Valazquez.

The truck driver also said that he received training for this type of situation just last week, although he didn’t believe it could happen until he witnessed it today.

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