Residents worry as snow continues to narrow street

Some concerned emergency vehicles won't be able to get by

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It has been a difficult winter for both drivers and pedestrians, and residents on Monroe Street in Chicopee Falls are concerned that another storm may make their street impassable.

The snow banks have narrowed this side street, located off Broadway. With cars parked on one side, there’s barely room for one lane of traffic. Monroe Street resident Frank Major said he measured how much the snow banks have reduced travel lanes.

“Oh the narrow road, only eight feet to get around, a 30-foot road is now down to eight feet, it doesn’t seem very safe,” Major said.

“Upsetting that fire trucks can’t get down our street.”

Major fears that Monroe Street will remain this narrow until the spring, unless the city removes the huge banks of snow. Neighbors share his concern.

“Half the time cars have to stop, go into driveways for people to get by,” neighbor Ed Mahar said. “Pretty bad- I mean you definitely can’t put someone between two cars, someone will get hit.”

With the possibility of  more snow this weekend,  Frank Major and his Monroe street neighbors wonder if by this time next week any traffic will be able to get around the parked cars.

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