Program gives parents extra set of eyes

Parents can see every aspect of what children do

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Many parents wrote in about their concern after a report about a set of apps which predators can use to contact children.

Now another app is setting out to give those parents an outlet to protect their children from apps which they feel their children shouldn’t be on. It also helps keep children safe from the dangers of sexting.

The program, called My Mobile Watchdog, allows parents to control all aspects of their child’s cell phone from anywhere with an internet connection. The parent can approve of block everything from phone numbers to apps and contacts by clicking a block button. It can also control the four apps which News 4 reported as potentially dangerous, which are Omegle, Whisper, the ‘secret’ app and Ask.FM.

My Mobile Watchdog inventor says the pay-per-month app isn’t a spying app.

“The child knows it’s installed, and it reminds them every day that it is on the phone,” Bob Lotter said.

Many children are more technologically advanced than their parents, and Lotter says this app helps prevent any hacking attempts by children. The app can install itself immediately after being deleted or altered by a child.

“It’s a tool for parents to help their children make the right decisions about things,” Lotter said.

The app allows parents to see every aspect of what children do on the phone, down to what messages they’re seeing to any new contacts which aren’t approved beforehand.

“If it’s not a prepared contact by a parent, it alerts the parent in real time and sends a copy of the communication to the parent so if there’s sexting going on, the parent is going to get a copy of it immediately on their phone if it’s from a stranger,” Lotter said.

Currently the app which costs $4.95 per month is only on Android devices, but it is looking to convince Apple to allow it access to the App store.

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