Northampton is preparing for climate change

Experts will hold workshops to get residents involved

Video: Weather conditions in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Beginning in May, and then again in September, a team of 5 climate change experts will come to Northampton. They’ll assess the City and make recommendations.

The City said the climate can affect everything from the strength of storms, to which plant life can survive, to where mosquitoes breed. The team of experts will hold workshops to get residents involved.

According to Wayne Feiden, the Director of Planning and Sustainability, “It’s not that these changes happen quickly, they’ll be unfolding over the next 50 years. But having a framework so when the mayor does the budget, zoning regulations, and invest in our public infrastructure, and we think about what’s going to be there 50 years from now, it’s really important.”

The City said they already have a head start on climate change preparedness. They recently received a grant to build a micro electrical grid that will keep key city buildings operational during a long term blackout.

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