Northampton aware of Damon Road intersection problems

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Viewers wrote to 22News about a problematic Northampton intersection and we went looking for answers.

A short green light and a long red light at the intersection of Damon Road and Industrial Drive is causing a traffic jam all the way to Route 9.

The new traffic signals were installed as part of the Knowledge Corridor rail project.

Northampton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is right at the intersection.

“It’s beneficial for us taking test drives because we now have an outlet to take a test drive onto Damon Road instead of waiting to block the traffic from our sales from in front of the driveway but it’s bad for all over customers coming in because this road is always jammed up,” said Sales Associate Jared Gale.

“Frustrating in the morning. I have to take an extra 10 minutes just to get here because from the intersection to here it’s about 5 or 10 minutes,” said dealership Finance Manager Victor Cueto.

22News took the viewer concerns to Mayor David Narkewicz. He told 22News the intersection is a state project by the DOT, but that the city recently sent their DPW and traffic engineers to Boston to brainstorm ways to alleviate the backup.

“The cues are in place to try to keep cars from being too close to the tracks or on the tracks when the signals go down. We’re trying to work on some fixes, both to timing as well as the physical layout,” said Mayor Narkewicz.

22News clocked a 30 second green light and a 1 minute red light at the intersection. They’re also thinking about adding another lane of through traffic and may have to widen the road.

Mayor Narkewicz told 22News they have a more long-term plan in place to re-do all of Damon Road.

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