House Speaker Deleo says no new taxes for Mass. residents

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– For local college student Sean Morris, no new taxes sounds ideal. “I think it would be fairly helpful, having money. I’m a little short on that right now so, yeah, I think it would be nice,” Morris told 22News.

In a speech made, Wednesday Massachusetts House Speaker Deleo indicated that their proposed 2016 fiscal year budget will not have any new taxes or fees.

But Deleo’s statements come before the House has received a budget proposal from Governor Charlie Baker. The comments also come at a time when the legislature struggles to close a 765 million dollar deficit in the current budget, something the House approved to fill with a mix of redirected revenues and spending cuts.

Some residents in Springfield told 22news while the idea of no new taxes sounds great, they’re not very hopeful that that will be what actually happens.

“That’s great if you can not raise the taxes, as long as the… you’re not just doing it to run a deficit, okay? I mean obviously the bills have to be paid, it’s a question of which bills are we paying?” Brian Nolan, of Springfield, said.

Tonja Hennessey, also from Springfield, told 22News, “I think they need to keep it the way it is. I mean just think of the way the economy and everything is going right now, I mean we’re doing good right now but we also need the money in our pocket.”

Local political analysts Tony Cignoli told 22News Deleo’s efforts to keep taxes as is, are in part to lay a ground work relationship with the New governor.

In Deleo’s speech he defended the move by calling it an effort to minimize additional financial burdens to working Massachusetts families.

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