Food pantries hoping for more milk donations

Many do not realize pantries accept milk

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – One of the most requested food items at area food pantries is among the least donated. Candace Larger of the Open Pantry in Springfield told 22News that many of their clients are hoping for bottles and cartons of milk, but there simply aren’t enough donations of dairy products to meet the need.

Larger said that part of the problem is cost; milk has become expensive in recent years. Another reason is perception; a lot of people think that because it’s a perishable item, that pantries are unequipped to store it, or don’t distribute it. That is not the case.

She hopes that the “Great American Milk Drive,” a new push by the National Dairy Council, will encourage more individuals and companies to donate milk.

Chris Wojcik of the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts agreed that fresh milk is in high demand. Wojcik said that the Food Bank receives lots of donations of powdered milk, but they are rarely able to give out the gallons of fresh milk so many people want.

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