Customer complains of store selling raccoon meat as food

Employees say they've sold raccoons for years

(CNN) – A California woman called health authorities to complain about a Chinese food market after finding an item she didn’t approve of in their store.

If you’ve never seen raccoons in the frozen food section, you’ve probably never been to Metro Super Market in Temple City.

Store employees declined to go on camera but did show cameras the whole raccoon, sold in a bag for 9.99 a pound, which they say is a delicacy in China.

Customer Christina Dow said, “This is a [expletive] dead raccoon. In a bag.”

Not everyone is eager to try it. Dow posted cell phone video on social media, after she says she was horrified several of the bagged raccoons. “The way it’s packaged in the store, it’s so real. It’s so fresh. You don’t see chickens feathers and blood all over them, and their expression with their tongue hanging out.”

Dow says she contacted the L.A. County Health Department.

A spokesman for the department told us that selling raccoons as food could be perfectly legal, depending on where the meat comes from. Store employees say health inspectors came to the store to see the raccoons, which will no longer be sold until the department gives approval.

Dow says, legal or not, she wants it to stop. “It’s terrible. It’s like a nightmare.”

I contacted several agencies included the L.A. County DA’s office, but no one knew for certain if selling raccoons as food was legal or not. Store employees here say they’ve been selling raccoons for years and have never had any issues.

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