A look back at Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

He's elected to quit while he's ahead

Jon Stewart

(CNN) – Watch 16 years fly by in a few seconds. Jon Stewart started out slightly stiff, and ended up loosey-goosey. Who needs a joke when you’ve got that signature stare?

He welcomed foreign presidents, and bashed American presidents, for instance after the disputed 2000 election. And now he’s elected to quit while he’s ahead, praising his staff.

Tweeted one fan: “I regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your resignation at this time. Sincerely, literally everyone.” Well, maybe not those he chose to imitate.

Mostly he gave, sometimes he got. After being the butt of Stewart’s jokes, Arby’s reacted this way to his planned departure: “Jon, feel free to reach out to us at careers@arbys.com.” Donald trump felt Stewart’s wrath for eating pizza with utensils.

But you know what’s scary? When you’re sitting at home watching the Daily Show and you realize YOU are the one about to be skewered.

“Covering their coverage of the Malaysian plane story” There was a public fascination with the plaid shirts Mitch Casada always seemed to be wearing. Mitch’s plaid shirt even started its own Twitter account.

Who’s going to keep an eye on us when you’re gone, Jon? Or teach us the proper way to eat pizza? “Watch and learn for God’s sake.”

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