Printing a new hand

Printing A New Hand
Community college uses 3D printing to create a new prosthetic hand for young Kansas boy.

INDEPENDENCE, Kansas (KSNT) When Jamie Bundy’s son Preston was born three years ago, before holding him for the first time she asked something many new parents do.

“You ask, ‘Does he have 10 fingers and 10 toes?’ and that was a pause,” says Bundy.

A pause because baby Preston was born with a limb difference called Symbrachydachtyly. His right hand was fully formed, but his left was not.

“The biggest thing in my head was that kids are going to make fun of him. Kids are cruel. Kids are mean,” says Bundy.

Now, three years later, Preston is getting a new hand. It’s all possible due to Independence Community College’s “Fab Lab”.

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