President to ask for war

The use of force against ISIS is still a controversial topic

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

(CNN) – The white house is set to send legislation to congress that would authorize the military mission against ISIS.

The use of force against ISIS is still a controversial topic. Many members of congress are concerned about the u-s getting involved to the point where ground troops are necessary.

The US has already been involved in a bombing campaign against ISIS targets, in Iraq and Syria, but President Obama has promised that American soldiers will not be a part of a ground war.

But, the legislation being sent to congress is expected to have enough wiggle room to leave President Obama options and exceptions for needs such as search and rescue operations.

This debate continues against the backdrop of the release of a video featuring British hostage John Cantlie. Cantlie has appeared in several ISIS videos before – in a sort of news report format.

He is once again “reporting” from the Syrian city of Aleppo and in an ominous sign, Cantile said this will be the “last” video in his series.

Cantile appears to be healthy, but officials believe the videos are being produced under duress.

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