Footprints in snow lead police to suspect

TAUNTON, Mass. (CNN) – Massachusetts is struggling to cope with several feet of snow in the last three weeks. However, in the town of Taunton, the snow actually helped police catch a criminal.

Few things in life are as distinguishable as footprints and in snow the impressions are as clear as day.

“That’s one thing the snow is helping with then I guess,” said Joseph Freitas, a neighbor.

That was bad news for 36 year old Charles Summers Friday morning. The Taunton man was allegedly driving on a suspended license when he fled from police. His car ended up in this driveway in east Taunton with the suspect running into the backyard. However, with all the snow, police said it was his footprints that gave him away.

“Now I spoke with the homeowner here at 17 Azalea Drive, he didn’t want to go no camera, but he did tell me, when police arrived, he turned on the flood lights in his backyard. And he called the alleged perpetrator “pretty stupid”,” said Adam Bagni of Taunton.

“Thank God they caught him anyways,” said Freitas.

A neighbor tells NBC that police activity is rare for this area. We spotted children playing across the street.

“We have kids all over the street. We have, just humble people. So we don’t really have much going on around here and to hear something like that is unheard of,” said Freitas.

In a police report, officers say the man admitted he was wrong saying, “I’m never getting my license back anyway.” Guess he’ll have to walk.

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