Baker: 500 National Guard troops to help deal with storm cleanup

MBTA service cancelled for the day

BOSTON (WWLP-State House News Service) – Governor Charlie Baker has called up 500 National Guard troops to help with the cleanup from this latest winter storm, as the Boston area continues to struggle to deal with the mess. Describing the series of storms as “unprecedented,” Baker says that he is committed to making sure people can go back to work and students can go back to school.

The governor added that help will be arriving from neighboring states, with the Vermont National Guard providing heavy equipment for Massachusetts. He has asked leaders from the other New England states, as well as New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for additional help.

The latest wave of snow and cold paralyzed the MBTA, the primary transportation mode for many workers. The T canceled rail operations for Tuesday after suspending service at 7 p.m. Monday.

Baker says he understands the frustration of residents who rely on the MBTA, saying that the transit authority needs to be able to plan for major snow events, especially considering that updated rail cars won’t be available for a number of years.

An MBTA spokesman said at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday that General Manager Bev Scott did not have plans to meet with the media to discuss the situation. Gov. Baker on Monday repeatedly deflected questions about MBTA operations, citing the “independence” of the transit authority.

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