Former stripper has a plan to be mayor

(CNN) – An army veteran and former stripper is defending his bid to become San Antonio’s next mayor.  Part of his platform promises?  Having Oprah create jobs and starting a high school chess club.

He’s a Christian conservative, a U.S. army veteran, an avid body builder who once earned a living as a male stripper.

Now 43-year-old pogo Allen-Reese wants to be the next mayor of San Antonio, “I have half-way to a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, I have applied to Harvard and also to us army war college as a stripper.”

He says his stripper past has been the subject of criticism, but his days as a 90’s dancer should not keep voters from taking him seriously, “You judge a man by the content of his character, instead of the color of his costume.”

And there’s more controversy, He admits using his facebook page to attack opponent, state senator, Leticia van de Putte.

He says he has a plan to make san Antonio a better place to live.  It includes bringing national notables onboard, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, even current interim mayor Ivy Taylor as city manager.

When asked to summarize his platform he lays it all out, “Roads, education with a chess club, I would plant those orange trees along the freeway because in a disaster you have that food to eat. Ronnie Coleman stepping down on crime, bring Oprah Winfrey here to build jobs and also have my own designer clothing label I want to start a clothing factory here.”

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