Film industry in U.K is booming

(CNN) – British creative industries are booming and are now worth an estimated $13.3 million an hour to the U.K. Economy. Recognized as global leaders, the United Kingdom is continuing to attract more and more blockbuster productions to its shores.

A Night at the Museum, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars: Episode 7 are just some of the most recent and upcoming blockbusters to be shot on British shores. But why film in Britain?

Amanda Neville, CEO, British film institute said, “We’ve got fantastical infrastructure, we’ve got a fantastic financial environment, we’ve got wonderful, wonderful skills, but i always argue we’ve got magic dust that other countries haven’t got. If you’re going to shoot a film and need a road closed, a helicopter or a, this is complicated stuff. We can make it really, really easy for you to do what you need to do.”

Access to experienced crews and world class studios like pinewood has made the U.K. hot for Hollywood producers.

The wide range of historical locations is also a significant attraction, making streets like this, home to Paddington Bear, a favorite with moviegoers and tourists alike.

But money is perhaps the main driver, the U.K. government offers a lucrative tax breaks to production companies

If they film most of their picture in the country and hire European staff its a scheme that has produced impressive results.

Latest research shows the creative industries brought in $13 million dollars an hour in 2013, employing 5.6% of the entire British work force

Ed Vaizey, British culture minister said, “All the films that have been made here in the last few years have built up this amazing skills base that people can use. What it means is a direct investment in to the U.K. economy, it means all those people who work on those films have jobs, and also, I have to say even though a lot of the films are financed in America like harry potter or James Bond, they’re great calling card for Britain as well.”

Making for an award winning combination of money and movie magic and giving British film industry a license to thrill for many years to come.

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