Family stages boy’s kidnapping to teach him a lesson

The boy’s ordeal must have gone on for about four hours

TROY, Mo. (CNN) — An attempt to teach a child a lesson, police say, went well outside the bounds of law. A six-year-old boy, whose mother believed he was “too nice” to strangers, lured into a truck and terrorized him.

“They still, today, they’re in denial that they did anything wrong,” said Lt. Andy Binder, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Police say the boy’s mother, his grandmother, his aunt, and one of his aunt’s coworkers planned his kidnapping. They say 23-year-old Nathan Firoved waited at the boy’s bus stop after school, lured him into a pickup, and drove off with him.

“The boy immediately starts immediately crying when he’s told that he’s never going to see his mother again. He’s never going to see his house. And then, when he doesn’t stop crying, he shows him a gun,” said Binder.

The boy is told he’ll be nailed to the wall of a shed. His hands and feet are bound with plastic bags; his head, covered. Unknowingly, he’s guided into the basement of his own home. Police say his family listened through a baby monitor, as the boy’s pants are removed and he is told he will be sold as a sex slave.

“For me, as someone who was briefly abducted in 1978 at the age of five-years old walking home from kindergarten, those feelings start to stir up in my body: that I remember and feel the tension, the frightening events that were going on around me,” said Binder. “Knowing what this young man went through and that his parents did it to him, there’s no excuse for that.”

Investigators in Lincoln County, Mo. estimate the boy’s ordeal must have gone on for about four hours. His grandmother, his aunt, and the aunt’s coworker are charged with felonious restraint. The mother is charged with kidnapping and felony abuse of a child.

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