Northampton prepares streets for more snow

They have about 44 pieces of heavy equipment operating to remove snow

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – DPW crews for the city of Northampton spent the past 24 hours preparing for the arrival of more snow. City of Northampton Public Works Director Ned Huntley told 22News they are pre-treating the roads with salt to make it easier once the snow starts to fall.

Thursday into Friday, a limited snow emergency was in effect for Northampton. It allowed for the massive snow mountains on Main Street to be trucked away. It dramatically Increased visibility on Main Street and made the roads wider.

Once they remove snow in the downtown, it all gets trucked to the city’s snow dump in a parking lot at the intersection of Finn and King Streets. “It’s done at night time that way the least amount of people are out there. A number of years ago we tried it during the daytime and it just wasn’t going to work,” said DPW Director Ned Huntley.

Huntley said that during a storm, they have about 44 pieces of heavy equipment operating to remove snow from 49 city routes.

Declaring a snow emergency gives the city the ability to tow cars, but Mayor David Narkewicz told 22News it’s not their ultimate goal. “We try not to tow. In Northampton we have a number of ways that we try to alert people. People can sign up for tweets. For texts, for phone calls. We have flashing blue lights downtown that let people know that there is a ban in effect,” said Narkewicz.

The Northampton DPW says the biggest challenge during a storm is keeping their plow drivers rested.

“I live on a side street just about a half mile from here and they’ve been very attentive to our little street, which I thought would just sort of be left behind. So I think they’ve done a great job and Main Street feels pretty good right now,” said Northampton resident Louisa Wimberger.

In addition to the city’s DPW plows, they have seven other contractors who they can contact to help with plowing the city streets.

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