Northampton City Council approves affordable housing funds

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Northampton City Council voted Thursday night to move $300,000 from the city’s Community Preservation Act to a non-profit that wants to build more affordable housing.

The proposal by the Valley Community Development Corporation would build affordable housing for 55 families at the old Northampton Lumber Site on Pleasant Street. They got approval for the project in January but are being sued by people who own the surrounding buildings. The lawsuit asking the court to overturn its approval.

22News found local residents, like Daniel Evans, support for the concept. “I think you need it in this community,” he said. “You need it in every community. There are so many people who are middle class who are just working to keep up. So this is a wonderful idea. I hope they have more of it.”

The project will cost about $20 million total and is funded by state and private money.

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