Monkeys died due to power outage at the Zoo in Forest Park

Zoo to hold fundraisers to prevent repeat of tragedy

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Two monkeys froze to death during a recent power outage at the Zoo at Forest Park. The Red Shed houses Tamarin and Marmoset Monkeys during the winter.

The Forest Park Zoological Society has devised a back up plan in the event of another power outage. Michelle Rooke of the Board of Directors for the Zoo in Forest Park told 22News, “Transfer sensors installed and perhaps a Wi-Fi system that has cameras as well. We have generators here that aren’t wired in.”

The Zoological Society, which operates the zoo at Forest Park, will immediately begin fundraising to pay for the safeguards to protect the remaining monkeys at the Red Shed. Darlene Blaney-Turgeon, the zoo business manager, said, “These are not just animals, these are members of our family, and we are suffering the same way that anybody would suffer if you had lost a cat, a dog, or a hamster.”

Forest Park Commission Chairman Brian Santaniello said he’s also looking out for the many families who visit the forest park zoo during the warmer months. He said, “I’m happy and satisfied with everything going forward. This was a human tragedy, it wasn’t intentional and there was no negligence.”

One of the monkeys who died from the cold was a rare species; one of only 1,500 remaining in the world.

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