Decoding your utility and phone bills

Find out what all those charges, fees, taxes and adjustments are for.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – When you get you electric, gas or water bills, do you read the entire statement? What about your cable or phone bill?

Look closely and you’ll find a list of various charges in addition to the actual charge for usage. They come with names like the customer charge and distribution charge, transmission charges, renewable energy charge, supplier services, state taxes.

What are these taxes, surcharges, fees and adjustments? The bill comes with instructions that explain what the charges are and most people pay the bill without question.

The 22News I-Team takes a close look at utility and phone bills and deciphers the service charges, line by line. See the two part report Utility Charges on 22News at 6pm and 11pm, tonight, February 9.

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