Extremely cold temps are a health risk

SPRINGIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Friday morning’s record breaking cold is the exact kind of weather that can cause frostbite and in extreme cases hypothermia.

Landon Demay, from Southwick, told 22News he was shocked at how cold he was when he left the house Friday morning. “Yeah I’ve got two shirts on, a jacket, a dual layer jacket and I’m still freezing so it’s pretty cold,” Demay said.

If you have to be outside for long periods of time for your job, taking frequent breaks to get inside and warm up is critical in subzero temperatures.

Keith Goyette told 22News while he works in the cold he makes sure to keep an extra set of warm dry clothes on standby, and makes sure he stays active. “Keep moving, try not to stand around for too long, because the longer you stand, the longer it takes to warm back up, but keep yourself moving basically,” Goyette said.

Health experts say in single digit and sub-zero temperatures, keeping your skin covered is your best defense against frostbite which is an injury to your body tissue that can cause permanent damage. Frostbite typically affects your nose, fingers, ears and toes.

“If you even start feeling cold in these types of temperatures, any cold or numbness really just address it and not ignore it because you really can get frostbite in a short amount of time in these types of temperatures.” Dr. Hilary Branch, a Pediatrician at Baystate Medical Center, told 22News.

Dr. Branch also advised that even through their teenage years it’s important to make sure your children put on their gloves hats and scarves anytime they go out side in extreme cold.

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