Eat like a ninja!

Eat Like A Ninja!
"American Ninja Warrior" contestant and registered dietitian David Schwartz helps others live healthier lives.

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WDIV) David Schwartz’s new workout partner hasn’t mastered push-ups yet, but she’s already a champ at “tummy time.”

“You got to get your workout in, too. There, you’re doing good,” says Schwartz, encouraging his 14-week-old daughter, Madeline Joy.

Schwartz is not only a new dad, he’s also an “American Ninja Warrior” contestant and a registered dietitian. It’s a combination of all of those roles that is pushing him to help others live longer, healthier lives.

“My job is basically to teach people about the importance of eating healthy and maintaining their ideal body weight and trying to reduce their risk of chronic disease,” he explains.

Schwartz made it to the “American Ninja Warrior” finals in Denver last season. He was nicknamed “The Beekeeper” on the show for the beehives he keeps behind his Farmington Hills, Michigan home, supplying his honey “ninja fuel.”

He says his secret to success is actually quite simple.

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