Deerfield Elementary to face staff cuts

The original draft budget was 5.46 million dollars

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Deerfield schools are spending more, but might be firing a few school workers in March.

Deerfield’s school district has been presented with a 4.3-million dollar draft budget that cuts one teacher and five class assistant positions. At the same time, they’re increasing their annual spending by 2.5%

The district is honoring the salary contracts they’ve made years back with teachers and non-union workers to up their pay. Now, Deerfield Elementary School could lose 6 staff workers because of those salary increases.

Superintendent of Frontier Regional and Union 38 schools Martha Barrett, told 22News about how they decide who goes. “Any of those increases have to do with non-negotiable services. You have to have heat and light. You have to have health insurance. You have to honor your negotiated contracts.”

The original draft budget was 5.46 million dollars. The district will decide which staff members leave Deerfield Elementary in March.

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