Vet Air: Free medical air transport for veterans

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Their mission is to provide medical air transportation to veterans free of charge. Vet Air  founder Jesus Pereira shared more about his organization and how you can help make a difference in the lives of veterans.

Vet Air
Our mission is to provide air transport to our veterans to meet their medical needs. Our goal is to become the first and only nationwide air movement option to all of America’s veterans free of charge!

For more information call 413-250-0765 or visit or their Facebook Page.

Vet Air is a veteran founded and operated organization. Our goal is to proved a year round transportation option for our veterans.  Veteran facilities are wide spread and at times too far for a veteran to commute. Depending on what treatment you are receiving it is conceivable to have to drive for hours in order to get to your health facility. Some veterans can’t withstand the pain of sitting that long in traffic just to have to do it all the way back home. We will provide a service that will transport the veteran from an airport near their home to a airport near their medical facility.  We can transport a person from northern Massachusetts to Southern Connecticut in about 40 minutes. Our service is designed to provide a less stressful transportation option for all generations of veterans simply because they deserve it!

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