Padlocked & Abandoned

Padlocked & Abandoned
Parents of children found padlocked alone in filthy home appear in court; Mother is pregnant and on meth.

(KING) Parents of three young children found abandoned and locked inside a Lake Stevens, Washington home are each being held on $100,000 bail.

Amanda Foley, 32, and Mark Dorson, also 32, appeared in court on Wednesday. Foley admitted using meth and said she is pregnant.

Foley broke down when a judge told her to have no contact with her kids.

According to court documents, when police entered the home they were overwhelmed by “the strong smell of ammonia.” The kids were living among “animal feces and human excrement.”

The 11-month-old baby had a “temperature of 94.1 degrees and was hypothermic and dehydrated” and he was in “the 2% range for his body weight.”

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